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Ingram's Karate was founded in 1977 in New Port Richey, Florida by John and Cindy Ingram.  Ingram's Karate is now run by Sheri Ingram Angwin, the daughter of the founders, and has dojos in New Port Richey and Carrolwood, Tampa.  For information on these dojos, go to www.IngramsKarate.com.

Ingram's Okinawan Karate is a new dojo in the Hudson area opened and run by the founders, John and Cindy Ingram.  The goal for all Ingram's locations is to provide traditional Okinawan Isshinryu Karate training.

We feel that the art of karate is being watered down by so many karate schools teaching a mixture of several things that the true art of karate has been lost.

What we teach is an art that has strong roots on Okinawa.

True karate is an art which can be traced back hundreds of years.  The art is not about fighting, but focuses on the development of ones character, confidence, agility and physical fitness.

As you learn the art you will acquire valuable self-defense skills as well as see improvement in your concentration and discipline.  This greatly helps children in school and adults in the workplace.

In order to move up in belts, we monitor children's school grades to ensure that the benefits of their karate training are applied to their academic achievements as well.

We also offer kobudo training.  Kobudo is the art of using ancient okinawan weapons for self-defense.  All the weapons we teach are authenic okinawan weapons.  Kobudo training is a real enhancement to the martial arts experience.

Our classes include stretching and calisthenics which will get you into the best shape of your life!

For biographies of Sensei John Ingram and Sensei Cindy Ingram, click on the "Sensei" link.  To learn about the history of karate and of Isshinryu, click on the "History" link.